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Now it's just stuck indefinitely in the scan [email protected]: Thanks, but I am using MS Update, not WU. Once the MSU Active X control is installed it replaces the WU one and offers definitions updates for MSE too.

It's like the MSU option that programs like Office add to Windows 7.

either way, i don't want windows "automatic updates" to be running.4: after having installed the activex-control that you were initially prompted to install, at the "microsoft update" webpage, you will be able to access the "microsoft update" webpage with windows "automatic updates" turned off and proceed to install all of the windows-updates, in whatever manner you choose..first, let me say that, when you click the button, to scan for updates, at the "microsoft update" webpage, yes, it seems to take forever to complete the scan, before if finally prompts you to install any updates..

the last time that i did this, which was a few days ago, the scanning-for-updates took 42 minutes before i finally was prompted to install any updates..after having installed the "activex-control", when you scan for updates, at the "microsoft update" webpage, you are initially prompted to install 2 updates (assuming that "windows xpsp3" is already installed)..

Since last 2 weeks Windows Update is not working at all. I have tried repeatedly at different times of the day. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is running.

Doesn't matter if I select Express or Custom, it is stuck for hours at "Checking for the latest updates for your computer".

(i think i know what the problem is, but, if i was to say, i would be banned from the forum).. Just wanted to pop back on here and thank everyone for their help.

I don't believe the MS is oblivious to the issue (having been searching for a resolution for this all weekend) but I believe that MS just doesn't want to put any effort into a 12 year old OS with only 7 months of support left. With a combination of the instructions above, I was able to get my XP machine updating again. I'm not 100% sure LOL, but it's updating and back online. You know I initially read this then decided don't need it.

Having just gone through this with 2 machines, and having found that auto updates worked fine so long as SP3 was not loaded, I loaded the machines with SP2, and updated them as far as they would go without SP3. Delete the contents of the c:\windows\software distribution folder. Well apparently I need this now as I did the same thing.

You can review each step below: Step 1: Enable Automatic Updates in the Control Panel if it is disabled (Any setting other then disabled is fine).

Wait a while (5~ minutes) after implementing this change because Windows will be silently updating the Windows Update components built in to Windows.

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Scanned for viruses, trojans and rootkits many times with many different programs.