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But as is the case with any label these days, if it’s overused and abused, exaggeration kicks in, thereby leading to silly myths and have ulterior motives that aren’t “nice.” Given this line of reasoning, it’s actually impossible for the “nice guy” label to exist and at this point, ladies might just shrug and say, “Okay then, there’s no such thing as a nice guy.”Which is undeniably one of the most bitter and depressing statements any woman can make.

You can genuinely be yourself, goofy, silly, creative, ambitious —whatever it is you are.Instead of storming out, becoming violent, screaming, or just saying "f*ck it" altogether, the nice guy will sit and actually try and understand the issue to help figure out how to fix it.It takes two people to work at a relationship, and the nice guy is willing to put in that out running around, you'll have a boyfriend who will also become your best friend.As you two date and become closer, you'll learn that you can be yourself, you can laugh together, cry together, share secrets, make fun of each other, and watch your relationship grow, knowing that he'll be right there beside you.

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For example, my mother, once a true flower child who only didn’t reach Woodstock because she and her friends got stuck in traffic, still claims she’s a feminist.

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