Datingbreak glass jewish wedding

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Datingbreak glass jewish wedding

why not both break the glass together with one swift smash in unison?

Be creative and choose the interpretation of the breaking the glass that means the most to you as a couple and it will make that element of your ceremony more momentous.

Such is the synonymy between Jewish weddings and smashing a glass, that we hear the most uber-cool Jewish wedding blog has been named after this very tradition.

This site wasn’t named ‘Dancing the Hora’ or ‘Eating the Canapés’, but Smashing The Glass, as this is THE moment of the Jewish wedding.

So the foot goes down, the glass is smashed, the bride and groom are married, two families have come together, everyone shouts ‘Mazal Tov’ and gets ready to party. What becomes of this heap of broken glass, lying alone in a cloth on the floor beneath the chuppah?

Many couples choose to have something made from their glass, a mosaic in a frame or something equally decorative.

Regardless of which Jewish traditions a couple chooses to embrace on their wedding day, it is important they have what they need to honor Jewish culture, ritual and tradition and reflect their own lives and personalities.Our Jewish Wedding Glass Keepsakes are great for storing the glass from the treasured tradition in a dazzling case that is rich in sentiment.Not only are these Jewish wedding keepsakes practical, they are also picturesque." Yussel's Place has a wide selection of break glass kits / shards to help you celebrate your joyous occasion.The Significance of Breaking Glass at a Jewish Wedding After the bride has been given the ring, or at the end of the ceremony (depending on local custom), the groom breaks a glass, crushing it with his right foot, and the guests shout "Mazel Tov! At some contemporary weddings, a lightbulb may be substituted because it is thinner and more easily broken, and it makes a louder popping sound.

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It’s said that whenever Jewish people experience immense joy, they should also remember the less joyous times in their ancestry. So once the less beautiful times have been remembered, the time comes for the groom to break the glass. The first being, in keeping with the song that had just been sung, to commemorate the destruction faced by Jewish people over the past two thousand years, a nod to the suffering that had come before.